HISTART 497-004

Upper-Level Seminar
The Art of Indigeneity in South Asia

M W 11:30 AM-1:00 PM
3 Credit Seminar

Meets together with HISTART 689-004

The international acclaim won by Indian Adivasi and Tribal artists in the late 20th century, in exhibitions such as at Paris' Centre Pompidou, anticipated the recognition that Indigenous art and visual culture have received in South Asia in the 21st century. Even as it resonates with the urgent and ongoing attention that Indigenous art has received off late around the world, this moment demands attending to the specific ways that colonial collecting practices, discourses of craft, modernist representations of Indigeneity, and the work of Tribal and Adivasi artists and cultural practitioners have informed the South Asian case. This advanced undergraduate seminar explores what art and visual culture tell us about the history and ongoing formations of Indigeneity and their marginalization in modern and contemporary South Asia. Through a focus on art historical and interdisciplinary scholarship, it aims to ground the study of South Asian Indigenous arts in contextually rigorous and comparatively informed ways.

Estimated Cost of Materials: less than $50

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Modern and Contemporary, Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Textbooks/Other Materials: All readings for this course will be scanned and posted on Canvas.