HISTART 497-001

Upper-Level Seminar
Itinerant Things

270 Tappan
T Th 11:30 AM-1:00 PM
3 Credit Seminar

Meets together with HISTART 689-001

This advanced seminar examines the agencies of artefactual objects in the processes of cultural contacts with a focus on the early modern world. We will look at some novel artifacts, mediums, and portable monuments circulated around the globe back in time. We will also consider the transmission of some relevant living beings such as faunae and florae in those contexts of exchange. In addition, the course provides theoretical and methodological discussions about transcultural studies, migration, globalization, and empire in relation to art objects. It also investigates how to conduct transcultural historiographical inquiries in relation to studies of material and visual culture, new materialisms, and network theory. Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students are welcome to enroll.

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Early Modern, Asia, Europe and the US

Image: James Cox, Gilded brass automaton clock in the shape of a birdcage, with firework ornament on the summit, 18th century. 76 x 32 cm. Palace Museum, Beijing. Image Source: Gugong bowuyuan, ed., Gugong zhongbiao, p. 146.