Introduction to Museum Practice
F 1:00pm - 4:00pm
130 Tappan
3 Credit Lecture
Crosslisted with MUSPRAC 407.001

This course will focus primarily on museums that have collections of classical antiquities and will introduce students to the history of collecting from ancient times to the present. It will focus on acquisition, conservation, and restoration practices, and on issues of display and interpretation. It will also address ethical and legal issues that affect museum policy and practice. The U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology will play a significant part in the course as the main case study. Members of the museum staff will discuss their roles and the special issues that arise in building and installing a new museum addition. The class will take Friday afternoon field trips to other museums, both on campus and in the region, and an overnight (Friday-Saturday) field trip to New York. Assessment of student performance will be based on class attendance, discussion of reading assignments, a journal of responses to assigned readings, three short written museum exercises, and a project that includes both class presentations and a final term paper.

Estimated cost of materials: $150, or more.

D. 1