Introduction to Greek Archaeology
MWF 1:00-2:00pm
AH Aud B
4 Credit Lecture

This course looks at evidence for the rise and fall of civilization; the introduction of revolutionary technological innovations; trade and the exploration of new lands; and the invention, loss and re-creation of a range of skills including the production of figurative art, monumental stone architecture and writing. Our context is the ancient Greek world between ca. 3000 and 31 BCE. Ancient Greece has famously given us the the Olympics, democracy, history, and theatrical performance, all of which can be traced through the writings of ancient authors. Here, though, we will focus on the art, architecture and artefacts left behind, asking what they have to tell us about the lives of ordinary people, and how those lives were affected by social, cultural and technological change. At the same time as offering an introduction to the major societies of the Greek world during this period, we shall also look at some of the major research traditions and methods which have been employed in Greek archaeology over the past couple of centuries, down to the present day.

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