HISTART 240-001

The Visual Arts in Medieval Society

MW 10:00-11:30am
3 Credit Lecture
This course fulfills the LSA Humanities Distribution requirement

HISTART / MEMS 240-001

Artistic works produced in the era we now call the "Middle Ages" are astonishing for their variety and magnificence. This lecture course offers an introduction to medieval art and architecture of northern Europe and the Mediterranean region over the course of a millennium. Architectural history will provide the core: students will come to know significant buildings ranging from early Christian basilicas decorated with marble and mosaics to the great Gothic cathedrals, with their complex sculptural programs and splendid stained glass windows. Precious works of exquisite artistry will be studied: pieces in gold and silver, enamel and ivory, studded with gemstones, including great reliquaries made to encase the sacred remains of saints, visited on pilgrimage. This is the era when books were written and illuminated by hand, and we will see how manuscripts became a site for the play of artistic fantasy and imagination. All along we will follow the emergence of new artistic media, types of art, discussing works against the background of often dramatic political change and developments in cultural and religious values. Issues of cross-cultural exchange will come into play – connections between the Latin West and the Byzantine Greek East, and between Christian and Muslim cultures – notably in the era of the Crusades. This is an introductory course.

HISTART Requirement Distributions: D. Europe and the United States, 2. Medieval