Art of the Enlightenment, Revolution, and Empire
MW 2:30pm-4:00pm
180 Tappan
3 Credit Lecture

The course centers on the artistic culture of France, and also explores the significance of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire for art within a larger European context. The main themes we consider are the nature of public art and its redefinition during the revolutionary and Napoleonic era; the opportunities and challenges that artists faced in a radically changed political and social environment; the tremendous artistic experimentation that characterizes the period; and the rise of caricature as a form of political commentary. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: mid-term examination, final examination, paper (8 pages). Coursepack and recommended book, S. Eisenman, ed., Nineteenth Century Art: A Critical History, 2007.

Estimated cost of materials: $100 or more, but less than $150.