HISTART 489-001

Special Topics: The Avant-Gardes in East and West

180 TAP
M W 05:30 PM 07:00 PM
3 Credit Lecture

This course surveys the historical avant-gardes of the early twentieth century, presenting them as a rich interconnected network that encompassed East and West. Italian Futurism, German Dadaism, French Surrealism and their impact on East-European avant-gardes will be discussed in detail; in turn, the impact of Soviet Constructivism and Czech Surrealism will be examined. Special issues will include the role of language, new mass media, and technology. Other topics include the women artists of the avant-garde, manifesto as a genre, New Typography, and the avant-garde conception of the book. Avant-gardes and interwar politics will be a constant theme. Students are encouraged to propose additional topics; a class presentation and a final paper are expected.

Course Requirements: Class participation, brief class presentations, and a final paper will be required.

Grading & Assessment: Testing for this course will be asynchronous and will consist of short answer and essay questions that will be submitted via Canvas during a designated time frame.

Class Format: Weekly class meetings will require synchronous participation.