HISTART 402-001

Theories of Pictorial Autonomy: Writing About Contemporary Art

210 TAP
M W 10:00 AM 11:30 AM
3 Credit Seminar

Students will learn to write about contemporary through a focus on art in an international context since 1980. Writing assignments will include one (500-word) review and one longer (1500-word) essay on a contemporary artist. One in-class oral presentation on a contemporary artist is also required (10 minutes, with powerpoint presentation). The topics that we will consider in relation to contemporary art will include: postmodernism; politics; the proliferation of media; the artmarket; the growth of the digital; surveillance; and participation.

All readings will be available in the electronic coursepack

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Europe and the US, Modern and Contemporary

Course Requirements: readings, class participation, 2 written paper assignments, one in class presentation.

Intended Audience: undergraduate majors, minors, and advanced students with instructors permission.

Class Format: one 170 minute seminar meeting per week

Estimated Cost of Materials: $0-50