HISTART 345-001

Medieval Architecture

180 Tappan
T Th 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
3 Credit Lecture

This course provides an introduction to the built environment of the Middle Ages from the fall of Rome to the Protestant Reformation. Students will integrate the study of architecture with the study of medieval culture, exploring for example the impact of the cult of saints, princely courts and civil authority, religious reform and radicalism and rising urbanism.

Course requirements:

  1. Two papers:
    • Paper 1 (architectural analysis), of ca. 6-7 pages - 10%;
    • Paper 2 (research), of ca. 12-13 pages - 15%.
  2. Midterm exam - 25%.
  3. Final exam - 35%
  4. Attendance and participation in class - 15%
    (attendance sheets will be circulated; YOU WILL BE PENALIZED FOR MORE THAN TWO UNEXCUSED ABSENCES)

All four elements –that is, (1) the two papers, (2) the midterm exam, (3) the final exam, and (4) attendance and participation in class –have to be completed with a passing grade in order to pass the course.

Course books: Your course books are: Roger Stalley, Early Medieval Architecture. Oxford History of Art (Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1999); Christopher Wilson, The Gothic Cathedral: The Architecture of the Great Church, 1130-1530 (London: Thames & Hudson, 1990).

Reserve books: I will place about thirty books on reserve in the Fine Arts Library (second floor of Tappan Hall). You should use these publications to prepare your course assignments, or to look up issues discussed in class.

Powerpoints: I will regularly post pdfs of my Powerpoint presentations to our Canvas site.

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Ancient, Medieval, Europe and the U.S.