HISTART 253-002

The Mediterranean: Art and Exchange / Lecture

AHG-127 and 130 Tappan
MWF 12:00-1:00pm
3 credit combined Lecture / Seminar
This course fulfills the LSA Humanities Distribution requirement
Requires simultaneous enrollment in HISTART 253-001

Meets with Judaic Studies and CLARCH

The Mediterranean is a region of tremendous diversity and vibrancy, with a long and checkered history of travel, trade, tourism, intellectual exchange, and even piracy. This course explores the art of the Mediterranean, focusing on the sites of Constantinople, Sicily, Egypt and the Holy Land. We shall study a range of artifacts such as manuscripts, maps, coins, textiles, and luxury goods, each of which took shape as a result of the vibrant cross-cultural encounters that animated the region. A key theme of the course is movement and how it facilitated the exchange of ideas, images, models, materials, and artisans within and beyond the Mediterranean. We will look at objects and read a variety of sources to understand the fluidity of the connections enabled by the Mediterranean both as a geographical expanse and an imaginative construct.

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Middle East, Europe, Ancient, Medieval

Requires simultaneous enrollment in HISTART 253-001