HISTART 689-003

Special Topics in the Humanities: Archaeology of Empires

MW 11:30-1:00pm
3 Credit Lecture

Meets Together with HISTART 394-003 / ANTHRARCH TBD

The potent heritage of empires employed by modern nation-states stems from millennia of imperial experiments in political infrastructures and political cultures. While empires the world over have emerged in profoundly different environments and taken profoundly different forms, many of these exhibit similar processes manifested in remains of the arenas and accoutrements employed for pronouncing imperial realms. This course dissects a series of empires in an effort to reconstruct patterns of imperial formation, expansion, and maintenance as evidenced through a broad spectrum of material culture. Students in this course will engage with archaeological discourses on the notions and processes of empires, and will investigate cases from the Near East, Mediterranean, East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Estimated cost of materials: $0.

Textbooks/Other Materials: readings posted on canvas.