HISTART 393-003

Undergraduate Seminar: No Specific Medium: Twentieth-Century Art beyond Painting and Sculpture

TTh 2:30-4:00pm
3 Credit Seminar
This course fulfills the LSA Humanities distribution requirement

While museums and survey textbooks tend to focus on the masterpieces of modern painting, many twentieth-century artists worked in multiple and nontraditional media. From performance to clothing, interior design to found objects, the art of the last century often did not look like art. This seminar will survey many of these alternative forms of production and investigate questions like: how important is medium to defining art, why do people tend to segregate media and what can we learn by bringing them back together, and what does it mean for an artist to communicate through non-artistic materials? Topics include: set and costume design, artistic fashion, avant-garde furniture, ready-mades, performance art, and various intersections between the visual arts and literature.

HISTART Distribution Requirements: D. Europe and the U.S., 4. Modern and Contemporary

Textbooks/Other Materials: All readings free on Canvas.