HISTART 302-001

Sex and Gender in Japan

180 Tappan Hall
TTh 10:00-11:30am
3 Credit Lecture
Meets with ANTHRCUL / WOMENSTD 302.001 & ANTHRCUL 558.003

This multi-media course explores the relationship among sex, gender, and sexuality in Japanese art, culture and society past and present. Our exploration covers a number of interlaced subjects and topics such as mythology and religion, social hierarchies and demographic changes, sex education, marriage and divorce, parenting, sex-workers and gendered professions, theatre, representations of the body in comics, anime and popular culture, ethnicity, and LGBT activism, robots and cyborgs, and consumerism and advertising, among others.

Note: Baring approved exceptions, this is a laptop-free class. The brain-hand connection is important for intellectual development, and facilitates both note-taking and writing skills.

HISTART categories for concentration distributions: C. Asia, 4. Modern and Contemporary.