HISTART 304-001

Art of Yoga

T Th 10-11:30 AM
3 Credit Lecture
This course fulfills LSA Interdisciplinary Distribution

Cross listed with ASIAN 304.001

As the ancient Indian discipline of yoga becomes increasingly popular worldwide it is important to query its early development, transformation over the centuries, and the possibilities that it holds forth to its practitioners. Graphing milestones in the history of yoga, this course is also an introduction to the visual, literary, and religious cultures of South Asia. On occasion, we will attempt to perform basic yoga postures in the classroom, and visit art museums and yoga studios in the Ann Arbor area.

Textbooks/Other Materials: All readings will be made available either as .pdf files on the Canvas website or as books on the reserve shelf of the Fine Arts Library.

Estimated Cost of Materials: $50-100

HISTART Concentration Distributions: Asia (Includes China, Japan, India, South/Southeast Asia, and the Pacific), Europe and the U.S, Ancient, Modern and Contemporary