HISTART 294-001

Special Topics: Arts of War

M W 01:00 PM 02:30 PM
3 Credit Lecture

War and violence permeate modern media, from cinema to on-line games. But war and its materializations in artistic realms have deep cultural histories the world over. Just as technologies and strategies of war constitute forms of art, so has warfare and its social surroundings produced a broad array of artistic materials. This course will discuss an array of accoutrements and visual narratives of war through comparative case studies across the globe. Students will delve into ancient worlds, and progress through medieval and modern ones engrossed in warfare, exploring a variety of material arts, including weapons, household items, machines, paintings, sculptures, posters, and buildings.

Textbooks/Other Materials: readings posted on canvas

Course Requirements: 6 short reading summaries (30), 2 art object essays (30), 2 exams (40)

Intended Audience: undergraduates, anyone welcome

Class Format: two 80-minute lectures with discussion per week

Estimated Cost of Materials: $0

HISTART Distribution Requirements: Middle East, Asia, Ancient, Medieval

Fulfills LSA Humanities Requirements