HART 253-002

The Mediterranean

Angell Hall Aud. C
F 12:00-1:00pm
3 Credits

The Mediterranean is a region of tremendous diversity and vibrancy, with a long and checkered history of travel, trade, tourism, intellectual exchange, and even piracy. This course studies the Mediterranean Sea as a geographical space and contact zone, a field of study, and as a unit of analysis between the medieval and the modern periods. It incorporates visual and material culture, as well as historical and literary sources from around the Mediterranean basin, between Iberia and Anatolia, and from Venice to Algiers.

This interdisciplinary course is divided into three tracks-- Art History (HISTART 253), History and Culture (ROMLANG 235), and Judaic Studies (JUDAIC 253). Students follow one of the three tracks by enrolling in the related seminar. The three tracks meet together for a shared lecture on Fridays, given by inter-departmental faculty and outside speakers, and break into separate small seminar groups devoted to the respective tracks on Mondays and Wednesdays.