Survey of Japanese Painting: Introduction to Japanese Art and Culture
Kevin Carr
TTh 2:30-4:00pm
1202 SEB
3 Credit Lecture

This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the history of Japanese visual culture, introducing the art of the archipelago from ancient times through the present day. Although primarily a chronological examination of key artistic monuments, the class will also discuss thematic issues such as the materiality of artworks, cultural exchange, the conceptions of nature and naturalness, and the relationships between artistic productions and religion, class, and society. At the end of the semester, you should have a better understanding of many aspects of Japanese history, thought, religion, and visual culture; you should also have developed a heightened awareness of and sophistication about the visual world in general. No prior knowledge of Japanese language, art, or culture is necessary or assumed for this class--all are welcome! Estimated cost of materials: $50 or more, but less than $100. C.2,3,4