HISTART 343-001

God, Love, and War: The Art of Byzantine & Medieval Western Europe

180 Tappan
MW 1:00-2:30pm
3 credit Lecture

This course explores the art and architecture of Byzantium and Western Europe from the tenth to the fifteenth century with an emphasis on religion, the luxury and amatory arts, and war. Ranging from the mosaic-rich monasteries of Greece, the sumptuous palaces of Sicily, and the magnificent Gothic cathedrals of France to more intimate objects such as icons and manuscripts, textiles and coins, the course covers a broad historical period. Its aim is to understand the intricate artistic networks that linked the diverse regional, religious, and cultural factions of the medieval world.

No cost for textbooks etc.

HISTART Concentration Distributions: 1. Ancient, 2. Medieval, A. The Middle East, D. Europe and the US

This course fulfills the LS&A Humanities distribution requirement