HART 822.001

Problems in the Art of the Persian Empire: Persepolis Ancient and Modern

Tappan 270, with occasional meetings at the Kelsey Museum
F 9:00-12:00pm, with one field trip to Chicago

This seminar explores the site of Persepolis, glorious ceremonial and administrative capital of the Achaemenid Persian empire (530-330 BCE) in the heart of SW Iran. Special topics will revolve around the nature of the ancient city-its architecture and sculpture expressive of the "first world empire" which ruled from India into Europe and across North Africa. They will equally deal with issues in historiography from antiquity to the contemporary scene, including the resonance of Persepolis as a symbol of Iran in politics of resistance and much in between. A feature of our work together will also be the opportunity to develop special seminar projects for an exhibition to open at the Kelsey Museum in Fall 2015. A series of introductory lectures will set the stage for the term. These will be designed to enable those without extensive background to enter into the seminar. Please consult Professor Root mcroot@umich.edu if you wish further information before enrolling or if you wish to request an override.

Museum Studies Program approval pending