HART 774.001

Problems in the History and Theory of Architecture: Ways of Writing about Architecture

210 Tappan
F 1:00-4:00pm
3 Credit Seminar
Meets with ARCH 813

This graduate seminar surveys manners of writing about architecture over roughly two millenia. We will cover material "from Virtruvius to Venturi" as we read a wide variety of architectural texts that have been constitutive of architecture as well as architectural history. Description, analysis, chronicle, critique, manifesto, primer, and ekphrastic text will be included in the selection of assigned reading for this class. Students will be asked to read widely and deeply, and class discussion will focus on structural and "architectural" analysis of the textual modes that make up the field of architectural history and its theorization over time. Students will produce a final analytical paper of 25-30 pages in length.

Estimated Cost of Materials: $50-$100.