HISTART 341-001

The Gothic Age: Art of Medieval Paris

Tappan 180
MW 10:00-11:30
3 Credit Lecture

During the 13th and 14th centuries, the city of Paris was preeminent in the arts. Parisian artisans, serving a broad urban clientele, created trend-setting works of art that exerted an influence in all parts of Europe. The first part of this course — which offers a basic introduction to Gothic art and architecture — will be devoted to reconstructing the medieval city and to becoming acquainted with surviving architectural monuments (e.g. the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Sainte-Chapelle). The second part will concern the making and marketing of precious objects in all media: illuminated manuscripts, ivories, works in gold, silver and enamel, tapestries. Issues of royal, aristocratic, bourgeois, and ecclesiastical patronage will frequently come to the fore.

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HISTART category for concentration distributions: 2. Medieval, D. Europe and the US