Sex and Gender in Japan
3451 Mason Hall
Tu Th 10:00-11:30am
3 Credit Lecture

This multi-media course explores the relationship among sex, gender, and sexuality in Japanese culture and society past and present. Our exploration covers such subjects and topics as mythology and religion, social hierarchies and demographic changes, sex education, marriage and divorce, parenting, workers and professions, LGBT activism, comic books and anime, robots and cyborgs, and media advertising, among others. In addition to completing the readings and assignments for each class and section meeting, students will take two essay-style exams (a study guide will be distributed a week before each exam). There may be a couple of short in-class writing projects. Attendance is mandatory; roll will be taken in and all absences must be approved. Note: Baring approved exceptions, this is a laptop-free class. The brain-hand connection is important for intellectual development, and facilitates both note-taking and writing skills. Cell phones must be completely off or in "airplane mode." Course grades are based on attendance, class participation, exam results, and the quality of the short papers. Note that I do not use percentages for each of the above variables in averaging your final grade as this not only is logistically impractical but may also be (wrongly) perceived as a way to "game the system." I am looking for intellectual engagement and improvement over the course of the semester. Your peers will set the "curve" based on their scholarly performance. Refer to C-tools for the syllabus, required books and readings, class schedule, assignments, and exam dates. C. 1,2,3,4