First Year Seminar: Visual Technologies
G-026 Tisch
W 1:00-4:00pm
3 Credit Seminar

In this seminar we will discuss the relationship between the meanings of an object and the process by which it is made. Is the medium the message? We investigate representation as a phenomenon of production as well as conceptualization. Art historians have to consider how the very process of making constructs meaning, yet information about technique is often neglected and scholars frequently skim over the conditions and actions of making. We will attend to theories and models of artistic creativity but in concrete and historical terms. The conditions and materials of production are central (eg drawing; oil; pigments; wood sculpture; self-portraiture; use of models). The focus will be the visual culture of early modern Europe (c. 1400-1700), but perspectives from other disciplines and fields are welcome. Estimated cost of materials: less than $50.