HISTART 102.201

Western Art from the End of the Middle Ages to the Present

180 Tappan Hall
MTWTh 10:00-12:00pm
4 Credit Lecture

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and canonical artworks of Europe and North America from the Renaissance to the present. We examine key works as a means to gain a greater understanding of major artistic trends and how they reflect and comment on their broader social, historical, and cultural contexts. Throughout the course, students will develop their skills in visual literacy and analysis, and will work to answer the questions: what do you see and why is it important? Lectures focus on the general issues of a given period of artistic production as well as individual artists, works of art, and artistic techniques. Visits to local museum collections, readings, ample class discussion, and image-based writing assignments will provide opportunities to practice and hone visual skills. Our objective is to better understand the role art has played and does play in the shaping of history and culture.

Estimated cost of materials: $50-$100.

Category for Concentration Distributions: D. Europe and the U.S., 3. Early Modern, 4. Modern and Contemporary