Special Topics: Photography from the end of WWII to the fall of the Berlin Wall
180 Tappan
MW 2:00-5:00pm
3 Credit Lecture

Drawing on the work of both leading and lesser-known photographers, this course will investigate diverse practices and themes in postwar photography in Europe and America. Highlighting particular moments and events, it will consider, among other things, photography's involvement in promoting and/or circumventing Cold War politics, its place within and outside of art institutions (galleries and museums vs. underground spaces and pop-up galleries), its evolving modernist and postmodernist positions, and its relationship with fashion, advertising and architecture. It will also explore relationships that existed between artists on both sides of the Iron Curtain to ascertain their impact on diverse photographic cultures. Readings will be taken from the disciplines of the History of Art, Theory and Criticism, History, Architecture, American Culture, European Studies, Communication Studies, and Visual Culture.

Estimated cost of materials: less than $50.