HART 490.001

Working with Objects: Islamic Textiles, Metalwork, Ceramics, Glass, and Coins

148 Kelsey
Th 1:00pm - 4:00pm
3 Credit Seminar

This seminar introduces students to the social, cultural, and religious history of Islamic art through a selection of objects held in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. Objects that will be studied in detail and examined hands-on in the museum include Islamic ceramics, glasswares, metalwares, coins, amulets, textiles, manuscripts, and calligraphies. These materials shed light on the use and function of aesthetic objects in both secular and religious life; they also show how notions of beauty and order have been expressed by visual means from the beginnings of Islam until today. The goal of the seminar are twofold: first, to introduce upper-level undergraduate and graduate students to Islamic art through hands-on curatorial work and, second, to organize an exhibition of Islamic art that will be held in the Kelsey Museum in Fall 2014. This seminar therefore encompasses a wide range of themes related to Islamic visual cultures. It also affords students a rare opportunity to work with primary source materials while simultaneously gaining museum experience during the initial conceptual and organizational stages of an exhibition.

Estimated cost of materials: less than $50.

Category for Concentration Distributions: A. The Middle East (includes Western and Central Asia, and North Africa), 2. Medieval, 3. Early Modern