HART 489.008

Special Topics in Art and Culture:Modern Chinese Visual Culture

210 Tappan
M 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Meets with ASIAN 469.001
3 Credit Seminar

In this upper-level course we will examine the logic of changing visual experiences and expressions in China from the early twentieth century to the present, focusing on the dialectics of succeeding visual orders and modes of production. Specifically, the course will cover the Republican period, the Yan'an model, the socialist stage, and the reform or post-socialist era. We will study a range of visual materials, including fine arts, posters, advertisements, film, and internet graphics. We will also consider studies of and theories about visual culture from other contexts. In addition to understanding visuality and its centrality to modern society, we will investigate the politics as well as poetics of seeing and why visual culture is a fundamental and vibrant aspect of Chinese modernity.

Category for Concentration Distributions: C. Asia (includes China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia), 4. Modern and Contemporary