HART 243.001

HistArt / Asian
Introduction to South Asian Art: Home and the World

180 Tappan
MW 1:00pm - 2:30pm
3 Credit Lecture

Studying the visual arts of South Asia constitutes a gateway to understanding the entirety of the intellectual and cultural heritage of humanity from prehistoric times to the present day. The assemblages of objects and images produced and used in South Asia - Buddhist stupas, temple-cities, cotton textiles, glazed ceramics, Mughal paintings, Satyajit Ray films and much else - represent more than the inheritance of this subcontinent, home to a fifth of the world's population. This introductory course explores how these objects and images are equally the heritage of numerous cultures for they have emerged from encounters with civilizations around the globe, each reflected, reshaped, and reformed by the art of the subcontinent. Course includes visits to art museums in the Ann Arbor area. Course Evaluation: Initial Quiz 10%, Three Response Papers 15%, Term Paper 20%, Mid-Term Examination 20%, Final Exam 25%, Attendance and Participation 10%.

Estimated cost of materials: $50 or more, but less than $100.

Category for Concentration Distributions: C. Asia (Includes China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia), 1. Ancient, 2. Medieval, 3. Early Modern, 4. Modern and Contemporary