HART 237.001

AmCult / RCHums / HistArt
On the Margins of the Art World - Self Taught Artists in the U.S.

2347 MH
TTh 10:00am - 11:30am
3 Credit Recitation

This course is a survey of a broad range of artists variously known as "Outsider," "Self-Taught" or "Folk" artists. While these artists are not generally recognized as central to the history of art, many are nevertheless both widely admired and highly influential. In addition to exploring the vast visual terrain presented by this range of artists, we will also investigate a variety of meanings attributed to this work, both by the artists themselves, as well as by critics and other observers. We will examine the various classifications through which this work has historically been framed, and investigate some of the underlying assumptions on which these classifications are based. Ultimately, this course explores the boundaries between Fine Art and other creative aesthetic practices, and explores the ways that these boundaries are erected and maintained by the institutional art-world. This course therefore also investigates broader issues regarding creativity, marginality, art, and culture.

Category for Concentration Distributions: D. Europe and the U.S., 3. Early Modern, 4. Modern and Contemporary