HART 194.001

First Year Seminar: Art, Science and Technology

G-026 Tisch
TTh 2:30pm - 4:00pm
3 Credit Seminar

Science and art, the "twin engines of creativity," are often imagined to inhabit opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum. However, art and science share a common ground that can be characterized as an underlying will to enhance human understanding and extend our experience of the world. This multi-media seminar is devoted to exploring globally, the history and present-day expressions of the relationship between art, science and technology. To this end we will cultivate both a new visual literacy and new insights into the various collaborations and productions between scientists and artists--Einstein and Picasso, for example. Among our subjects are: the nature of creativity; the history of visualizing technologies; the fourth dimension in art and science; the nature of color and color theory; cognitive maps and new cartographies; bio-art and genetically-engineered mutations; robots and cyborgs; and emerging debates about the pros, cons and ethics of post-humanism.