Art and Empire in Antiquity
AH Aud D
MW 10:00-11:30 am
4 Credit Lecture
Fulfills Race and Ethnicity

Art and Empire explores how visual art and built landscapes work as tools of imperial persuasion, ambition, and legitimization. It focuses on famous monuments of ancient Egypt, Iraq, and Iran, with telling comparative material from ancient Greece and Rome, the Soviet Union, and the United States (both historical and contemporary). We integrate the study of art in empire with key power strategies that exploit race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, and social status in order either to validate and incorporate or to demonize and marginalize. Great readings! Great films! Great ancient art of hard core relevance to our own life and times! We use the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: as the venue for discussion sections--and also as a laboratory for studying objects first-hand. Part of this involves doing fun focus-group activities related to the design of an interactive digital exhibition slated to open in Fall 2013. It's called Ancient Animations: Social Networking in the Persian Empire. Watch for the website! No textbook.--Readings, study resources, and images available via CTools and Course Pack (Accucopy) to those registered.

Estimated cost of materials: $50 or more, but less than $100. 1. A