Special Studies in the Art of China: The Social Protocols of Artistic Presentation: Signatures, Titles, Inscriptions, Format, Materials
210 Tappan
T 4:00pm - 7:00pm
3 Credit Seminar

In this seminar students will examine the fundamentals of the social protocols of artistic presentation in a comparative context, the focus being on China. Each student will produce, as an exercise in pedagogical writing, a survey of one aspect of artistic presentation in China: signatures, titles, a particular format (fans, screens, hanging scrolls, etc.) or brushwork or other physical marks of artistic action. A wide variety of primary source material is available in translation that can be mined for historically significant information about artistic practice. Because much of the material of interest is basic rather than theoretical, translations will be useful in most cases. We plan to make extensive use of the University Museum, where we will learn first hand the protocols of connoisseurship and the practices of vision that evolved in Song and post-Song China. The will be no cost for materials.