Twentieth Century Architecture
2210 Art and Architecture Building
MW 5:30pm-7:00pm
3 Credit Lecture
Meets with ARCH 543.001

This course will explore 20th century architecture through a thematic exploration of modernism and its diverse aftermaths and afterlives.

This exploration is intended to draw out the complicated relations that have obtained between modernism, modernization and modernity, as well as modernism's own multiplicity and dialectics. The course will cover buildings, projects and theories within modernism's "long 20th century," from the latter half of the 19th century to the present. In doing so, the course will examine the manner in which modernism was staged, developed, historically narrated, critically unraveled, and theoretically reinvented. Seeking to explore the complexities of modernism, this course will place particular attention on the following topics: disjunctures, contradictions and divisions of intellectual labor between architectural theory and practice; formations and transformations of modernism across national boundaries; modernism's diverse modes of existence, including nostalgics and avant-gardes; and modernism's fluctuating complicity with and resistance against some of the 20th century's organizing historical dynamics, including colonialism and postcolonialism; industrialization and postindustrialization; capitalism; nationalism; and globalization.

Estimated cost of material: less than $50. D.4